TruExterior Siding &
Trim Installation Tips

Installs Like Wood Siding and Trim.
Performs Nothing Like It.

Builders and contractors find working with TruExterior faster and easier than working with wood. You’ll have the flexibility to cut, miter and apply TruExterior products with very little limitations. Follow these simple tips for a successful installation.

Download the Installation Guides for complete details.

Cuts With Standard Woodworking Tools

Cuts with standard miter saws, circular saws, hand saws

Carbide tip blades offer longer tool life

Can be drilled and routed using woodworking tools

Expansion & Contraction

TruExterior products are very stable during temperature and moisture changes

Allow for a minimal gap sealed with a high-grade acrylic caulk to help control any possible movement

Repairing Nail Holes

Fill holes with high-grade acrylic caulk or wood filler

Caulking Siding

There is no need to seal end cuts

Use any high-grade caulk or sealant at joints to prevent water intrusion

Installing Siding

Ensure your siding and trim is dry and clean before installing

Use fasteners designed for exterior trim and siding

Use 2 fasteners per framing member every 16″ or 24″ OC

Use fasteners long enough to penetrate solid wood 1 1/2″

Make sure to follow your local building codes

Approved For Ground Contact

TruExterior is highly resistant to moisture and termite attacks

No special precautions are necessary for ground contact

Pre-primed and Ready For Paint

Painting is required to maintain your warranty

Use any high-grade exterior paint

TruExterior has very little movement, making it ideal for dark colors