How To Install Siding & Trim | TruExterior Siding & Trim

TruExterior Siding &
Trim Installation Tips

Installs Like Wood Siding and Trim.
Performs Nothing Like It.

Builders and contractors find working with TruExterior faster and easier than working with wood. You’ll have the flexibility to cut, miter and apply TruExterior products with very little limitations. Follow these simple tips for a successful installation.

Download the Installation Guide for details.


  • Designed for use in non-structural applications
  • Suitable for ground contact
  • Can be used in moisture-prone areas
  • Installation is the same regardless of the season


  • Installed using proven woodworking tools and methods ƒ
  • Carbide-tipped blades and bits are recommended for a longer tool life


  • Accepts a wide variety of high-quality exterior-grade fasteners that are suitable for the local environment ƒ
  • Can be fastened close to the edge ƒ
  • No need for pre-drilling ƒ
  • No mushrooming


  • TruExterior® products come pre-primed and do require paint ƒ
  • No need to prime end cuts ƒ
  • Can be painted with any high-grade exterior paint when following the paint manufacturer’s instructions ƒ
  • Dimensionally stable, promoting long-lasting paint adhesions, even with dark colors* ƒ
  • Paint lasts longer than on wood because TruExterior® products cycle virtually no moisture* ƒ
  • Traditional exterior-grade caulks, auto-body or wood fillers are all acceptable for filling nail holes


  • Virtually no moisture cycling, excellent paint durability ƒ
  • WUI listed ƒ
  • No need to prime ends or field cuts ƒ
  • Resists rot and termite attacks* ƒ
  • No excessive swelling* ƒ
  • Suitable for ground contact


  • Tighter gaps, minimal movement—it will move less than fiber cement, wood, and vinyl ƒ
  • Truly historically accurate profiles—get the look of traditional, authentic wood profiles ƒ
  • True look of cedar siding profiles, real architectural detail


  • 20 year limited warranty