Exterior Beadboard

Curb Appeal Starts With TruExterior

TruExterior Trim and Accessories give you the freedom to create the look you want without worries. With virtually no moisture cycling, you’ll get tighter, cleaner looking joints compared to using wood. Use TruExterior Trim for applications including windows, doors, soffits and rake boards. Or choose Beadboard for porch ceilings, soffits and exterior decorative walls.

  • Suitable for ground contact and ideal for window and door applications
  • Comes in lengths up to 16' for less waste

Single Beadboard

Two distinct beaded patterns – 4″ and 6″ – to suit the most popular design trends

Nominal SizeActual Thickness (A)Actual Width (B)Reveal (C)Tongue (D)
5/8 x 40.625"3.455"3.114"0.34"
5/8 x 60.625"5.301"4.960"0.34"

Double Beadboard

The same appearance as the single-profile products, but with twice the coverage

Nominal SizeActual Thickness (A)Actual Width (B)Reveal (C)Tongue (D)
5/8 x 80.625"6.569"6.197"0.34"
5/8 x 120.625"10.260"9.889"0.34"



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