DURATION Moulding & Millwork Brings Meticulous Craftsmanship to Historic and Modern Projects


Like any good historic restoration project, the recently remodeled Old South Church in Boston doesn’t look refurbished—it looks like it did in 1836, just without the signs of age. But while the materials and details appear the same, some of them are much more modern and durable.

DURATION Moulding & Millwork is partially to thank for that. The company supplied numerous moulding and millwork pieces for the rehab, meticulously crafting each piece, including quoins, crown, and beaded casing, to replicate what it would replace. The only difference is that the pieces were crafted with TruExterior, Boral Building Products’ proprietary siding and trim made with poly-ash.

Duration molding and millwork, TruExterior trim, church remodelDURATION used TruExterior, shown here prior to painting, to craft most of the replacement exterior mouldings for the Old South Church, including the quoins, tongue-and-groove siding, crown, cove, bullnose, beaded casing, half rounds, water table, and more.

A blend of polymers and recycled fly ash, TruExterior offers a look and workability nearly identical to wood, so much so that it can be used for historic restoration projects where manmade materials are often shunned. But unlike wood, it provides a higher level of dimensional stability to reduce expansion and contraction and resist warping, cracking, and splitting.

The church is one of hundreds of projects DURATION Millwork has supplied with custom molding and trim milled from TruExterior. The company began testing the product when it was first introduced, and soon after began offering 18 common profiles to its distributor network. Today, DURATION manufactures with the poly-ash material exclusively and provides not only numerous standard options but extensive custom capabilities. 

Duration Millwork, TruExterior poly-ash trim, Sagaponack, NYFor this home in Sagaponack, N.Y., DURATION created custom horizontal siding, flat panels, sheets, window trim, and lock-mitered corners.

“The product really combines the best attributes of the three major categories—wood, PVC, and fiber cement. You get the best of all three without any of the downsides,” says DURATION Moulding & Millwork President and CEO Keith Coleman, pointing to TruExterior advantages such as resistance to rotting and decay, the ability to be painted darker colors, and the allowance for installation in contact with the ground, cement, or metal roofing. “It’s the Holy Grail of exterior moulding products—will it last and will it look like wood. And when you combine those two things, that’s when you know you’ve got it.”

Custom Moulding & Millwork Capabilities

Over the years, DURATION has become very nimble in what it is able to offer—and how quickly. Custom pieces range from detailed crown moulding to robust porch columns to 7-inch beveled siding.

“If someone wants 12 feet of moulding to match a historic profile, we’ll do it. We’re not shying away from anything like that,” he says. “We want to be known for addressing the need for this product where suitable. If it’s suitable for a trim, we’re going to produce it.

“Because we’re a single source and have full autonomy, if a distributor calls today and says we need 200 pieces of DSC 009, I can walk out there and have the guys set up and start running in three or four hours to have it ready by tomorrow,” Coleman adds. “We can pretty much turn on a dime.”

Coleman also has a full-time AutoCAD expert on staff, which helps the team problem-solve for customers. For example, architect Glen Fries approached DURATION for the best way to clad a circular garage with vertical trim. Using the radius of the building, DURATION calculated the maximum width of shiplap it could produce to wrap the garage exterior while maintaining the round shape and avoiding looking segmented. 

Duration Moulding & Millwork, TruExterior polyash trim, siding, SagaponackDURATION used TruExterior to create the vertical radius cladding for this garage, along with the siding and corners on the main house.

The main house also includes DURATION’s pre-fab corners, in which they cut the siding at a 45-degree angle and create a miter that locks the corner into place, ensuring that it won’t open up down the road. The corner combines with TruExterior’s standard horizontal Nickel Gap siding for a cool, continuous look wrapping the main house and coordinating with the garage.

Here’s a look at a few more projects demonstrating the breadth of capabilities of both DURATION Moulding & Millwork and TruExterior Siding & Trim:

Duration Moulding & Millwork, TruExterior panels, retail shop

For this retail shop in New Hope, Penn., DURATION Moulding & Millwork used its “wide” sheet good material. “Very few products could be painted this color and perform as needed,” Coleman says. Elsewhere, the shop features vertically installed TruExterior Shiplap siding.

Duration Moulding & Millwork, TruExterior polyash trim, shutters, soffit, brackets

DURATION milled TruExterior for nearly the entire exterior of this home, including custom brackets, shutters, columns, soffit, fascia, and window trim.

Duration Millwork, TruExterior Trim, Kiawah Island

This home under construction in Kiawah Island, S.C., features custom shiplap siding, custom show sills, radius crown moulding, custom window casing with back band, and custom “thumbnail” beveled siding. DURATION crafted all of the pieces with TruExterior. 

Duration Millwork, TruExterior polyash trim, cove molding, trim

DURATION recently added this cove moulding to its standard profile offerings. This batch, the company says, is headed to “the happiest place on earth” in Florida.

To see more of DURATION Moulding & Millwork’s portfolio, check them out on Instagram or visit their website.

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